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New faces here at the Edelweiss Inn

Come and explore the Edelweiss Inn

After more than two decades of hard work, Cindy and Bryan decided to step back in January 2017 and enjoy a much different life. Through a longtime and solid friendship, they found a valuable follower to continue the good work here at Edelweiss Inn.

The new owners, Robert and Charlotte Schmid, have already a more than one decade long experience in how to run a small motel like the Edelweiss Inn successfully. Robert operated the Lookout Lodge for eight seasons and turned that place into an enjoyable place to stay. It was a coincidence that he heard about Cindy and Bryan's plan to retire as a host. At the same time, he was able to find a new owner for the Lookout Lodge.

What will you find at the Edelweiss Inn is just what you can expect from such a great place. A clean and affordable motel with a longtime tradition of good hospitality. Everyone is welcomed here and we will work hard to make sure, you will return again and again and bring your friends and family with you too..

Edelweiss Inn

Robert moved to Eureka Springs back in early 2009 from Switzerland and started operating the Lookout Lodge. He was able to turn this sleeping property to a well-beloved place by so many returning guests and of course, we hope to see former guests here at Edelweiss Inn again.

Then at the end of 2017, two loving hearts found each other, although from far apart but that didn't matter. Charlotte moved to Eureka Springs at the end of 2019 and she is a big part of the success of Edelweiss Inn ever since she arrived.

Operating and managing a small place like the Edelweiss Inn is a great opportunity and we are looking forward to meet and greet many new and old guests. You can be assured, that we will do our best to continue the good work from Cindy and Bryan and give you the best hospitality experience in Eureka Springs. We appreciate your loyalty and we are looking forward to many more successful years here at the Edelweiss Inn.

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